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Carina D1 for Quest 3

Carina D1 for Quest 3_how to video

How to connect the Puppis S1 to the internet?

There are two ways to connect the Puppis S1 to the internet: 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and PC Internet Sharing. If your computer is connected via Ethernet, the network signal will be more stable.
  1. Connect to 2.4G WiFi: Please click on "Internet" in the app, then click on "Wi-Fi Setting", and select the 2.4G WiFi you need to connect to.
  2. To enable or disable PC Internet Sharing, please refer to the following link: https://prismxr.net:8000/user/pc/guild/PC_Internet_Sharing_Guide.html
Note: When both PC Internet Sharing and 2.4G WiFi are connected, PC Internet Sharing takes precedence.
If PC Internet Sharing has been set up but there is no network. the issue may be due to the following reasons:
There is an issue with the built-in DHCP server in Windows, which is not assigning the correct address to the Puppis S1. This causes the PS Internet Sharing status of the Puppis S1 to become invalid and remain in PC Internet Sharing status.
To reconfigure PC Internet Sharing, follow the steps below:
Step 1: Disable PC Internet Sharing on the PC.
Step 2: Re-enable PC Internet Sharing.
You can try the above steps several times until the Wi-Fi can be connected successfully