Terms of Use


Terms of Use

  1. Age
  2. We do not      sell products for purchase by children.
  3. We do not      knowingly collect, use or disclose personal information from children      under 16, or equivalent minimum age in the relevant jurisdiction. If You      are under 16, You may use the Products and/or Services only with      involvement and consent of a parent or guardian.
  4. PRISMXR      Account, System Requirements, Compatible Devices and Usage
  5. Use of      Product(s) and/or Services requires a unique username and password      combination (“Login Credentials”). During the setup process, the PRISMXR      App will ask You to set up an account and register Your Product(s) with      PRISMXR. As part of registration, You will need to set up a PRISMXR      account (“PRISMXR Account”). It is Your responsibility to ensure      confidentiality and security of Your Login Credentials. By registering,      You agree that You are fully responsible for all activities that occur      under Your PRISMXR Account. We may assume that all communications that we      receive under Your PRISMXR Account come from You.
  6. PRISMXR      Product(s) and/or Services may not work properly without a PRISMXR Account      and a working WiFi network in Your home that is connected to reliable      internet access with sufficient bandwidth and/or a Bluetooth connection.      Other third party hardware and/or technology elements may also be required      for use of some or all of the Product(s) and/or Services, such as a      compatible third party device (e.g. laptop, tablet, or a mobile phone      device) with access to the PRISMXR App. It is Your responsibility to      ensure that You have all required elements and that they are compatible and      properly configured. With your permission, PRISMXR may use Bluetooth on      Your compatible third party device, without prior notification, but      subject to Your device settings, to facilitate proper operation of the      Product(s) and/or Services and to enable certain features.
  7. Some of the      Product(s) and/or Services features will enable You to use third party      content, services, and technology (“Third Party Content and Technology”).      Please note that use of such Third Party Content and Technology, via the      Product(s) and/or Services, is subject to the third-parties’ terms of use      or service and their respective privacy notices. We encourage You to read      these third-parties’ terms carefully before You enable them on Your      PRISMXR Product(s).
  8. You      acknowledge that many features, including Third Party Content and      Technology, of the Product(s) and Services transmit data over WiFi and      could impact charges to Your data plan, and that You are responsible for      any such charges.
  9. PRISMXR      Voice Control (“PVC”) service. You may use PVC only on or through PVC-enabled      PRISMXR Products and you may only make personal and non-commercial use of PVC.      A PVC-enabled PRISMXR Product and a WiFi network connection are required      to activate the PVC service. To subsequently use the PVC service, you are      required to have a WiFi network or Bluetooth connection. PVC service may      not be available in all areas or on all PRISMXR Products. Please      click hereto learn more about where PVC service is      currently available and on which Products.

    1. You control       your PVC-enabled PRISMXR Product with your voice. PRISMXR records, stores       and processes all audio recordings locally on your PVC-enabled PRISMXR       Product when you interact with PVC. The microphones on your PVC-enabled       PRISMXR Product are constantly listening to you; they are always on       unless you deactivate them. However, your audio recordings or transcripts       are not sent to the cloud.
    2. In order to       respond to your playback initiation requests, PRISMXR will process the       parameters of your request (e.g. artist name, song name, genre, etc.) in       the cloud, similarly to what happens when you run a similar search in the       PRISMXR app. Only those parameters are sent to the cloud, in text form.       The audio or transcript of your voice query does not leave your PVC-enabled       Product.



  • Information      available to PRISMXR about tracks, albums, artists or stations you saved,      liked or recently listened to may be used to personalise the speech      recognition performance on your PVC-enabled PRISMXR products. We similarly      ensure that custom room names you create in the PRISMXR app are recognised      by PRISMXR products in your household.



  1. For more      information on how PRISMXR uses data, including your personal data, to      enable PVC service, please review our Privacy Statement.
  2. Consent to      Use of Data
  3. Certain      Product Software features may require information from Your Product to      provide their respective functions or features, including Third Party      Content and Technology. When You turn on or otherwise enable and/or use      these functions or features, including Third Party Content and Technology,      certain usage data may be processed by PRISMXR and/or shared with third      parties. At all times Your personal information will be treated in      accordance with PRISMXR Privacy Statement, which can be viewed at:      www.PRISMXR.com/legal/privacy.
  4. Third-Party      Content and Technology, Services and Materials
  5. From time to      time, PRISMXR may provide access to third party content providers via the      Product. In addition, PRISMXR may support or provide access through the      Product to certain third party services or technologies, including but not      limited to specific file formats or codecs. PRISMXR reserves the right to      discontinue access to and/or support for any third party service, content      or technology at any time, and for any reason.
  6. Product      Software may enable or provide access to the third party content, features      and services such as music services, voice control and other third party      services (collectively referred to as “Third Party Services”). Use of      these Third Party Services may require internet access and use of certain      Third Party Services may require You to accept additional terms and may be      subject to additional fees.
  7. You      understand that by using any of the Third Party Services on PRISMXR      Product, You may encounter content that may be deemed offensive, indecent,      or objectionable, which content may or may not be identified as having      explicit language, and that the results of any search may automatically      and unintentionally generate references to objectionable material.      Nevertheless, You agree to use the Third Party Services at Your sole risk      and that PRISMXR, its affiliates, agents, principals, or licensors shall      have no liability to You for content that may be found to be offensive,      indecent, or objectionable.
  8. Certain      Third Party Services may display, include or make available content, data,      information, applications or materials from other third parties (“Third      Party Materials”) or provide links to certain third party websites. By      using the Third Party Services, You acknowledge and agree that PRISMXR is      not responsible for examining or evaluating the content, accuracy,      completeness, timeliness, validity, copyright compliance, legality,      decency, quality or any other aspect of such Third Party Materials.      PRISMXR, its officers, affiliates and subsidiaries do not warrant or      endorse and do not assume and will not have any liability or      responsibility to You or any other person for any Third Party Materials or      websites, or for any other materials, products, or services of third      parties. Third Party Materials and links to other websites are provided      solely as a convenience to You.
  9. Third Party      Services and Third Party Materials that may be accessed, linked to or      displayed on or otherwise accessed via the Products are not available in      all languages or in all countries or regions. PRISMXR makes no      representation that such Third Party Services and Third Party Materials      are appropriate or available for use in any particular location. To the      extent You choose to use or access such Third Party Services and Third      Party Materials, You do so at Your own initiative and are responsible for      compliance with any applicable laws, including but not limited to      applicable local laws.
  10. PRISMXR      reserve the right to change, suspend, remove, disable or disable access to      any Third Party Content and Technology, Services and/or Third Party      Materials at any time and for any reason without notice. In no event will      PRISMXR be liable for the removal of or disabling of access to any such      Third Party Services and/or Third Party Materials. PRISMXR may also impose      limits on the use of or access to certain Third Party Services or Third      Party Materials, in any case and without notice or liability.
  11. PRISMXR      makes no representations or warranties whatsoever regarding the selection      of, continuing support for, or continuing access to, any such Third Party      Services and/or Third Party Materials.
  12. PRISMXR      makes no warranties or representations that any particular Third Party      Services and/or Third Party Materials will be accessible, available,      function in any particular manner or function at all for any length of      time.
  13. The fact      that a particular Third Party Service and/or Third Party Material is      displayed or mentioned on any Product packaging or marketing material does      not constitute a representation that such Third Party Service and/or Third      Party Material will be accessible, available, function in any particular      manner or function at all for any length of time.
  14. PRISMXR and      Third Party Service providers providing any service, technology or content      accessible through the Product reserve the right to remove information      from their servers, or prevent access to their servers or to change or      eliminate product offerings or services for any reason that PRISMXR or      said third parties deem sufficient in their sole discretion at any time,      without notice.