Bridge the virtual with the reality for endless explorations.

- Technological Convergence and Technology Driven:
Based on an understanding of human-machine interaction, PrismXR explores and applies various technological achievements such as new materials, chips, circuits, software, etc., in order to better assist our customers to shuttle between the physical and virtual worlds.

- Focusing on XR and Delving Deep into XR:
PrismXR is solely dedicated to developing software and hardware products around XR, and continues to conduct in-depth exploration in this direction.

Our Story

PrismXR, dually headquartered in Singapore and Los Angeles, was founded by a group of enthusiasts and talented engineers in XR (extended reality) and spatial computing in 2022.

An early adapter to VR and AR, our founder is encouraged and excited by the progress from Oculus Rift, Cardboard VR, and other HMDs back in the early days towards the Quest 2/Pico4/PSVR today. After some frustration over choppy and less-than-satisfactory user experiences, he decided to create a series of 'XR native' products that would be 'XRer centric' and tremendously enhance the way we explore the virtual world and transcend the reality naturally.

He understood the challenge ahead and knew he’d need to find a group of talented partners to help him realize this. He met AKST, an incredibly talented engineer group who had developed accessories products officially authorized by META and sold at its official store, and together they created PRISMXR. They’ve assembled an incredible team, and after years of market research and product development are excited to bring PRISMXR to the market.