P Vega T1 Low Latency wireless Earbuds for VR Gaming

VegaBlast Tech Surges Your Excitement: Vega T1's unique PU+bionic fiber layers and high-purity copper coil create a surging bass and a broad, immersive sound field. A rare earth magnet elevates...

P Carina W1 Wearable Power Pak

World's First Dual-Worn Design: Carina W1 introduces a pioneering dual-worn power design, enabling wear as a belt on your waist or cross-body on your shoulder. Constructed with food-safe TPU and...

P Puppis S1 Specialized Router - for PC-VR Streaming

Dedicated Connection by PrismPulse Mode: Puppis S1's uniquely crafted software, propelled by a powerful 1.3GHz Dual-core chipset, bridges your PC and VR headsets such as Quest 2 and Quest Pro...

P Polaris A1 VR Motion Sickness Relief(MSR) Headband

ATTENTION: The Polaris A1 is designed to gradually alleviate VR motion sickness. Start with VR content that induces mild motion sickness and increase usage over time. As you adapt, motion...
$29.99 $19.99
P Geo-Fencing VR MatP Geo-Fencing VR Mat

P Geo-Fencing VR Mat

Introducing the Geo-Fencing Mat for XR, the ultimate gaming accessory for immersive gameplay! This sleek black plastic mat features a circular design that's perfect for all your favorite video games....
$89.99 $71.99
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