Carina D1 Charging Dock for Quest 3

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Simply Charge, Infinitely Play, Naturally Nestled

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One-Stop Charging Dock for Quest 3

FlexiDock Charging

Magnetic flexible pin charging for Quest 3. The pin pivots 17 degrees and stretches 5mm, auto-attaching near the dock.

SuperFast Charge

Includes a fast-charging adapter. Quest 3 charges in 1 hour 50 minutes, controllers in 2.5 hours.

Stress-free Compatibility

Unique stand charges Quest 3 with original, elite, and halo-type straps for broad compatibility.

Nest Bionic Design

Nest-inspired compact design charges headset and controllers, offering Convinence and freeing up Quest 3's USB-C port.

Ease of Use

Quest 3 charges seamlessly, even with a battery strap (not charged by Carina D1). Place it on Carina D1 to fully charge to 100%.


Track charging with orange and green LEDs, which can be turned off while sleeping. Charging continues regardless.

FlexiDock Charging Solution: Magnetic and flexible pin charging for Quest 3, allowing easy, reliable connection without precise alignment. The pin head pivots 17 degrees and stretches 5mm, auto-attaching when near the dock.

SuperFast Charge: Includes a fast-charging adapter. Fully charges Quest 3 in 1 hour 50 minutes and controllers in 2.5 hours.

Stress-free Compatibility: Unique stand design fits Quest 3 with original, elite, and halo-type straps for wider compatibility.

Nest Bionic Design: Compact, nest-inspired design organizes space and charges both headset and controllers, freeing up your USB-C port.

Ease of Use: Simple setup. Charges Quest 3, even with a battery strap (not charged by Carina D1), to 100%.

Sleep-Friendly: LED indicators show charging status and can be turned off at night while charging continues.

Stable and Secure: Features over-current, over-voltage, overheat, and overcharge protection for safe, reliable charging.

Customer Reviews

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Works as intended

I use it for my Quest 3, charges fast and efficient. May just feels like it but it seems the battery lifetime has increased.

Can recommend


Great product. Did not like the customs fees due upon receipt. Should know before buying.

Dock delivery lost?? No news from the delivering company so Prismxr took control!!

I am living in Europe and wanted this dock for a long time, because this dock just does what it needs to do, charge,...the magnets make it so easy, just drop it in the dock and charges. But PrismXR did not deliver in Europe...Great news though, since recently they do!, So i ordered one the day it was possible....Track and Trace code...and my expectations were high..After some days of no progress of the package by the deliverer, ...disapointed i contacted the Prismxr admins...They contacted me and asked what was going on..without any hessitation they send a new one yesterday...and it arrived today!! Superfast! I want to thank Prismxr for the help and excellent service!

Marc Le Bourdais

minimum space taken and optimized in the way to charge with pogo pins!

Gerhard Handt

nice little product but the customer support is better then 100% if that is possible . Next up , I'm eyeing those earbuds .

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