Carina D1 Charging Dock for Quest 3Carina D1 Charging Dock for Quest 3

Carina D1 Charging Dock for Quest 3

FlexiDock Charging Solution: Magnetic and flexible pin charging for Quest 3, allowing easy, reliable connection without precise alignment. The pin head pivots 17 degrees and stretches 5mm, auto-attaching when near...
$79.99 $69.99

Carina W1 Wearable Power Pak

Dual-Worn Design Revolution: Carina W1’s innovative design allows wearing as a waist belt or cross-body strap. Made with food-safe TPU and adjustable elastic, it offers comfort and a secure fit,...

Puppis S1 Specialized Router - for PC-VR Streaming

Dedicated Connection by PrismPulse Mode: Puppis S1's uniquely crafted software, propelled by a powerful 1.3GHz Dual-core chipset, bridges your PC and VR headsets such as Quest 2 and Quest Pro...
Vega T1 Low Latency wireless Earbuds for VR GamingVega T1 Low Latency wireless Earbuds for VR Gaming

Vega T1 Low Latency wireless Earbuds for VR Gaming

VegaBlast Tech Enhances Your Sound: Vega T1 combines PU+bionic fiber layers, high-purity copper coils, and rare earth magnets for deep bass and expansive sound. PrismXR’s audio tuning delivers clear, high-fidelity...
Geo-Fencing VR MatGeo-Fencing VR Mat

Geo-Fencing VR Mat

Introducing the Geo-Fencing Mat for XR, the ultimate gaming accessory for immersive gameplay! This sleek black plastic mat features a circular design that's perfect for all your favorite video games....
$89.99 $71.99

Polaris A1 VR Motion Sickness Relief(MSR) Headband

ATTENTION: The Polaris A1 is designed to gradually alleviate VR motion sickness. Start with VR content that induces mild motion sickness and increase usage over time. As you adapt, motion...
$29.99 $9.99
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