In a virtually integrated world, how will we know what is real?

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Our Story

PRISMXR, headquartered in Singapore with footprint in Los Angeles, is founded by a group of enthusiasts and talented engineers in XR (extended reality) and spatial computing.       

As early adapters to VR and AR, we are encouraged and excited by the progress from Oculus Rift, Cardboard VR, and other HMDs back in the early days towards the Quest 2/Pico4/PSVR today. After some frustration over rough and less-than-satisfactory user experiences, we decided to create a series of 'XR native' products that would be 'XRer centric' and tremendously enhance the way exploring the virtual world and transcending the reality naturally.     

We understood the challenge ahead and knew we would need to find a group of talented partners to help us realize this. We met AKST, an incredibly talented engineer group who had developed accessories products officially authorized by META and still distributed at META official store, and together we created PRISMXR. We have assembled an spectacular team, and are excited to bring PRISMXR to the market after months of market research and product development .

Partnership Opportunities


Are you a creator, an organizer of XR community group(s), or just someone who is interested in working with us?

If you would like to try sample products, discuss sponsored dedicated/integrated video(s), run affiliate marketing, or even become a regional reseller...

Feel free to connect us at