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Carina D1 for Quest 3

Carina D1 for Quest 3_how to video

Audio stuttering and intermittent sound loss.

please try the following methods to resolve this issue:
  1. If your phone is connected via Bluetooth and you have received a message while it was on silent mode, it may have interrupted the audio on the Dongle. Please disconnect your phone's Bluetooth or disable the silent mode.
  1. Please check if the Dongle has completed a firmware upgrade. Here's the process for upgrading the Dongle:
    1. Power on the Dongle(connected to the HMD or PC) and connect it to your earbuds.
    2. If the app displays "Update Available," click "Update Firmware" to view the update information.
    3. Ensure that the earbuds are placed in the charging case, and the charging case remains open until the firmware update is complete.
    4. During the upgrade process, keep the Dongle powered on (connected to the HMD or PC) and within 20 inches of the earbuds.
    5. The Dongle will restart after the update is complete.