Not every game comes out for the Meta platform, and this solves that problem instantly. The PrismXR Puppis S1 handled everything I could throw at it with ease, never once dropping a frame, and ultimately that’s precisely what I need out of it. If you are tired of fighting with dropped connections, save yourself the headache – this is the device you need to solve that problem once and for all.

Ron Burke

The PRISMXR is a unique device that allows for a dedicated wireless connection from a PC to VR headset. There aren’t very many products like it – and that’s OK. It solves a real problem that many VR gamers are plagued with – lag with both audio and video.


These PrismXR Vega T1 VR Wireless Earbuds Are Ideal For Gamers.

Mark Sparrow

If I could recommend one accessory to go with Steam Deck, ROG Ally, or any other handheld gaming unit, it would be these earbuds.

Jennifer Young

I never ran out of power with the Carina W1 Wearable Battery Pack. It lasts a long time. 

Alan Truly

Carina W1 and Puppis S1 Review: PrismXR has two great accessories for the Meta Quest 3 VR that expand the utility of the VR headset and give users more hours of playtime.

Anthony Taormina