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Carina D1 for Quest 3

Carina D1 for Quest 3_how to video

High latency in VR.Such as Quest,Pico4,PC,Game Console,etc.

We have conducted extensive testing to ensure excellent latency performance with our product. To ensure optimal performance, please check if your VR device is currently connected to a Bluetooth audio device, including the Vega T1. If it is, we recommend disconnecting from any Bluetooth audio connections to minimize latency.
For the lowest latency experience, please use the Vega T1 dongle to connect your VR/PC/Console, rather than relying on a Bluetooth connection. We have observed that using both the Vega T1 dongle and a Bluetooth connection simultaneously can introduce latency issues. Please note that simultaneous connections to your VR/PC/Console may result in delays or other latency-related problems.
If you have both Bluetooth and the dongle connected to your VR/PC/Console, we recommend following these steps to resolve the issue:
  1. Go to the Bluetooth settings on your VR/PC/Console.
  2. Forget the Bluetooth audio device that is currently connected.
  3. Restart your VR/PC/Console.
Please note that it is important to insert the Dongle into the front of the main unit and avoid plugging it into the back. Additionally, ensure that there are no obstructions around the Dongle for optimal performance.
If you are experiencing high latency only in Beat Saber, please refer to the following method to resolve it.
First, make sure you have upgraded to the latest firmware. Follow the steps below:
  1. Power on the Dongle(connected to the HMD or PC) and connect it to your earbuds.
  2. If the app displays "Update Available," click "Update Firmware" to view the update information.
  3. Ensure that the earbuds are placed in the charging case, and the charging case remains open until the firmware update is complete.
  4. During the upgrade process, keep the Dongle powered on (connected to the HMD or PC) and within 20 inches of the earbuds.
  5. The Dongle will restart after the update is complete.
Next, if you are still experiencing latency, please attempt the following settings:
Options -> Settings -> Audio tab, make sure that the Override Audio Latency setting is turned on; start from around 30ms,and try to tune.