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Carina D1 for Quest 3

Carina D1 for Quest 3_how to video

How to use Vega T1 while performing wired streaming.

You can use PrismXR Vege T1 in PCVR by using a Link Cable, but there are two simple steps you need to follow, which is also shown in the quick-start guide:
  1. Do not plug the Link Cable to the Dongle's USB-C port directly, it does not support data transfer. Please plug the dongle into the USB-C or USB-A port (by using the included USB-A to USB-C adapter) on your PC instead of your VR headset.
  2. Connect the Link Cable from another USB-C or USB-A port on your PC to your VR headset and choose the audio output as PrismXR Vege T1.