PrismXR Unveils Puppis S1, Carina W1, Vega T1, and Polaris A1, Redefining Ultimate VR Experience

PrismXR Unveils Puppis S1, Carina W1, Vega T1, and Polaris A1, Redefining Ultimate VR Experience

PrismXR has unveiled four revolutionary products alongside the debut of Quest 3. These groundbreaking releases, namely Puppis S1, Carina W1, Vega T1, and Polaris A1, are meticulously crafted to enhance the VR experience to new heights.

The Puppis S1, an exquisitely engineered router, streamlines PC-VR streaming for optimal performance. With the Carina W1, an avant-garde wearable battery, players can now enjoy extended play sessions without worrying about power interruptions. Additionally, the Vega T1 offers an unmatched audio journey, blending minimal latency with top-tier sound quality. Not only boasting ultra-low latency, the Vega T1 introduces an innovative super pass-through charging feature. Lastly, the Polaris A1 sets a new standard in dual-therapy technology, eradicating motion sickness and ensuring an uninterrupted VR adventure, and it emerges as the trailblazing dual therapy solution, exclusively tailored to combat motion sickness in the world of VR.


PrismXR's objective is to provide users with a hassle-free, stable, and fully immersive VR experience through these innovative product launches. The products developed by PrismXR stand out of the crowd because of the revolutionary innovation across all four categories. The company has optimized the software and hardware components to cater to the users’ precise requirements. Moreover, the newly launched products are specifically designed to outperform existing solutions.


The ambition of the PrismXR is to bridge the virtual with reality for endless explorations. The latest innovations are carved out from meticulous and intelligent data analytics. The latest releases are designed to address critical pain points more effectively than currently available solutions. The company sources reveals that the new advancements not only improve the user experience but also lay a robust foundation for the upcoming products in the pipeline with a strategic vision.


In response to the launch of the latest products, Richard, Founder & CEO of PRISMXR, highlights the swift integration of XR technology into today's tech-driven world. This signifies a transformative shift towards the advancement of next-generation computing devices and 3D information. He predicts that XR will soon become the norm in the evolving digital landscape, much like how Android and iPhone devices reshaped the tech industry back in 2010. According to him, there are still certain gaps in the mainstream market when it comes to delivering a seamless user experience. The company's objective is to drive the industry towards a tipping point where XR devices can provide an exceptionally smooth user experience. Not only do the new products extend user engagement, but they also unlock a multitude of exciting possibilities.


The current trend in the industry is observing a strategic transition towards lighter and more comfortable HMDs (Head Mounted Displays). This shift primarily stems from the swift advancements in the VR/AR/MR landscape. Furthermore, this transformation opens avenues for the integration of modular components, encompassing power, computing, audio, and more. The latest captivating offerings from PrismXR seamlessly align with this trend and effectively cater to the progressive demands of the industry.


PrismXR Puppis S1

PrismXR Puppis S1 is a WiFi6 router with PC-VR streaming capabilities. The product is compatible with Meta Quest 3/Quest 2 accessories. The Air Link Bridge replaces VR Link Cable and provides stable connectivity. As part of the launch, the company offers 20% coupon against the retail price of $79.99 for a limited time.

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