P Vega T1 Low Latency wireless Earbuds for VR Gaming(Quest3 compatible)

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  • VegaBlast Tech Surges Your Excitement: Vega T1's unique PU+bionic fiber layers and high-purity copper coil create a surging bass and a broad, immersive sound field. A rare earth magnet elevates the speaker's power and sensitivity, providing superior sound pressure. PrismXR‘s precision-tuned audio optimizes the chipset and drivers for crystal-clear, high-fidelity sound. Vega T1 delivers not just a boost of sound, but clear, vibrant, and immersive audio that truly enriches your listening experience.
  • ZeroDrag Tech brings Synchronous Sounds: Our industry-leading technology reduces latency to an unbeatable 25ms. With lightning-fast response times that mirror a wired connection, Vega T1's wireless capabilities do not compromise on quality. Whether you're engaged in VR gaming, enjoying high-quality streaming movies, or exploring interactive applications, Vega T1 ensures you're always in sync, immersing you in a world of fluidity and responsiveness.
  • Super Passthrough - Your current USB-C port will not by occupied by the dongle. With T1's 27w Super Passthrough Charge, fast charging is still at your disposal.
  • Play & Chat At the Same Time- Immerse yourself in flawless gaming with the Vega T1 dongle while simultaneously engaging in lively discussions on Discord through Bluetooth on your smartphone. No need to interrupt the action or the conversation - with PrismXR, you can enjoy both!
  • Universal Plug and Play - The PrismXR stereo system is designed to work effortlessly with all your devices - whether it's VR Headsets, Consoles, Phones, Laptops, or PCs. Just plug in Vega T1 dongle to any device and you're set to go, without any complex settings or configurations.
  • Personalize with PrismXR App: Optimize your listening experience with the PrismXR App. Adjust product feature, UI, EQ, dongle settings, and update product firmware versions for the latest features and experience.

Vega T1


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Vega T1

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