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  • World's First Dual-Worn Design: Carina W1 introduces a pioneering dual-worn power design, enabling wear as a belt on your waist or cross-body on your shoulder. Constructed with food-safe TPU and elastic strap, it adjusts for diverse body sizes, offering a secure, comfortable fit. By redirecting weight from your head or neck, Carina W1 elevates your comfort and revolutionizes your VR immersion, facilitating limitless exploration of captivating worlds.
  • Stay Cool, Move Freely: Carina W1 boasts a clever cooling system. Thermal insulation material on the body-facing side blocks the heat out and prevents your body from getting hot, while a strategically placed metal piece and extensive aluminum foil on the outward side dissipate the heat. Charge your VR headset at full speed without compromising on comfort. The discrete cable design runs along your back through a hub, ensuring a seamless connection to power and uninterrupted VR experience.
  • Massive 10,000mAh Battery Capacity: With the Carina W1 wearable battery pack fully charged, tripling your playtime from current 3 hours to an impressive 9 hours, and is capable of shortening the charging time of your Quest 2 with a depleted battery by 50%. Tips: Please press the LED indicator button on Carina W1 to check the battery level and charging state.
  • Superfast Charging: PrismXR battery pack supports a maximum output of 12V/2.5A, 30W, and an input of 12V/1.5A, 18W. It takes 1/3 charging time of a standard power bank which only has 5V/2A, 10W output. It's also capable of charging a MacBook Air at full speed.
  • Broad Compatibility: Carina W1 is not just for VR headsets. With its support for all devices with type-c port, it caters to a range of standards including BC, PD3.0, QC, Apple 2.4A, and AFC/FCP/SCP compatibility. It's your universal fit charging solution.

Customer Reviews

Based on 92 reviews
Good and fun but

I love the fact that this belt actually can charge the quest pro at the same time is playing it but it dont really charge all that great and it does give me three hours in VR chat, which is the game. I usually play, Which wouldnt be so bad if well, I only get three hours out of the belt, including the charging of The headset itself and they talk about 3 to 6 hours so since its bare minimum, I will give it 4/5 but it works wish it lasted longer, but overall its all right

Great reserve battery

I use the this as a reserve battery for my Quest 3 since i usually use air link tk llay flight sim VR. This GREATLY increases the battery life. Easily by hours, which is a lot for VR. i personally can't do super long sessions sessions anyway so this gives me more battery than I'll need in any given session

Old Dawg Games
Works well with my meta quest 2

I have been using this battery pack belt along with my meta quest 2 VR for a few months now. This works really well. I really like that I can charge my VR as I'm using it. The belt clips very nicely around my waist is an excellent quality, and is very comfortable to wear. It's not very heavy so it doesn't weigh down my pants. Such a convenient product. Thought it was a great value. I am very pleased.

Chris S.
Way more play time

Love the comfort and can add way more play time which is awesome!!!

Makes vr time very enjoyable

A great battery extender for your vr headset. My husband and I actually both have 2 and we alternate them out and are able to game for hours on end. We have the longer belt and I wear mine loosely on my waist and my husband likes to wear his crossbody sometimes, so there are options to how you wear it which is nice.

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